Route 66

The Two-Wheelin’ Reporter Mitch Watson gets his kicks on Route 66.

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Route 66 remembers a historic era where gas was sold for 23 cents a gallon! The highway stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles. Oklahoma now maintains the longest stretch of drivable road on the route.

Businesses and attractions established on the highway continue today. El Reno established a legacy for Fried Onion Burgers that many¬†restaurants¬†continue. To save money during the depression, burger joints started adding more onions to the beef. Johnnie’s Grill and Sid’s Diner are two places that stay busy all day serving up the tradition.

Many stories remain along the roadway. This building is the retired service station Lucille’s. Lucille Hamons, “The Mother of the Mother Road” ran this historic station for years before passing away. Now the stop serves as a rest place for many travelers as they learn about the legend of Lucille’s.

Two major museums in Oklahoma focus on Route 66. This is the Oklahoma Route 66 museum in Clinton. The other is the National Route 66 museum in Elk City. Clinton’s museum focuses on the history and culture of the road.

The National Route 66 Museum in Elk City has recreated several stores and services along Route 66. It serves as a great area for photos.

The route can be very hard to follow. The Route 66 signs are stolen often. The highway also tends to have multiple roads marked as 66, causing confusion. But many sections simply run parallel to I-40. The orange-tinted concrete and 55 mph speed limit signs are indicators of the correct road.Texola is a small ghost town near the Oklahoma-Texas border. The degrading town shows signs of a previous life. This building is a single-person jail cell.


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