Sipokni West

The Two-Wheelin’ Reporter takes his last ride of the season in this edition of Travelin’ Texoma.

Listen to the story here!

Retired actor Johnny Shackleford started to build this Wild West movie set in 1991. Since then, the place has grown into a village full of recreational activities. At each building, different artifacts from the West are set on display.

Sipokni West has about a dozen buildings set up, with many serving as museums. A trading post and a restaurant also occupy the buildings.

On the first Saturday of every month, the Guns of Sipokni perform at the town. They work humor into their show to entertain their guests. They also perform for private parties.

As promised in the radio story, this is a picture of me in cowboy wear. I’m the one in the middle with the beard. I hope you enjoy this.

After they dressed me up, they shot me! All in good fun though. It didn’t hurt too bad.


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